5 Best Pubs in Delhi to Party Hard

Pubs in Delhi

Yes, you guessed it right Delhi – Capital of India as well as a hotspot of politics. Apart of this national capital is popular for having one of the best nightclubs that have managed to stay around and are still holding strong. An amazing city to look at, it has the

5 Interesting Reasons to Rent a Car in Mumbai

Rent a car in mumbai

Whether you want to explore the beauty of Mumbai and its nearby destinations or are on a business trip for a couple of days, it is best to do with convenience and style. Having said that, let us discuss why you need to rent a car in Mumbai instead of

Drunk Delhi Girl Create Another Scene in Police Station

drunk girls videos

If you remember, before few day ago, a Delhi Drunk girl hits two guys on the bike and created a scene at Connaught Place. The girl was with a boy. After hitting the two guys on the bike both they misbehave with the boys and police authorities. According to those

Top-Rated Movies of Tom Cruise

tom cruise films

Tom Cruise is one actor who has to raise his game to compete with fellow actors. The 5 feet 8 inch actor has relied on his acting talent to overcome physical difficulties and rise to stardom. The Mission Impossible series has given the much-needed leverage to the winner of three

Thele Wale Babu, Mujhe Poha Khila De – Must watch

thele wale babu

Thele Wale Babu, another version of DJ wale babu after fashion wale babu is available in the market. You should watch it. Made by Bakar Bhakti: Directed and Edited by: Shubham Maru Line Produced by: Chirag Bhaiya Concept and Lyrics: Rajiv Nema Singers: Rajiv Nema, Tanya Jain Cast: Rajiv Nema, Chirag Bhaiya, Shweta Sharma, Vinita Rodwal, Rashmika Ahuja. Acknowledgement: Koustubh

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single?

valentine day special

Oh, it's February month. It is very special moths for the every couple and mostly the girls are eagerly waiting for this month. So I think you got my point.  Because they are expecting the excited gifts from their lovers. Yes, Valentine’s day coming. If you know the love date

How Online Shopping Benefits You?

Online Shopping benefits

The Internet has brought the world close together. Nowadays, many services are provided online; shopping being one of them.  Most people prefer to buy things online. Online shopping today is not only limited to clothes and appliances but also includes groceries, vegetables, various cuisines and much more. Almost everything is

5 Best Android Apps To Download Hollywood Songs

Android apps for downloading music

Listening music becomes our regular activity of our life. And I see some people are so much addicted of listening music. They are listening to the music even when they are in the washroom. Now the era of android apps and people switched to online music from offline music from

Places to Visit in New York

Empire State Building NYC

When you thinking to visit New York City, it feels so cool while you imagine the New York’s top attraction points. New York City is larger than life, in population, in square feet, in culture and food, in arts and entertainment. You can get everything here what you want. There are

How To Save Money For Your Business

How to save money for your business

There has never been a better time to conserve your resources than now. We live in a technological age when things are not only meant to be faster and easier, but also cheaper. For entrepreneurs who are forward thinkers, saving money for their businesses should be a priority. Certainly tapping