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How To Turn on Emergency Bypass on iPhone



How To Turn on Emergency Bypass on iPhone

How To Turn on Emergency Bypass on iPhone –So, you have found this page while Googling. First, you have landed at the right spot as we have covered every bit and piece of information regarding your query. Secondly, you will gain enough knowledge about what actually is an emergency bypass and learn to set it on to sidestep missing any urgent call or message. Let’s dive into the stream of information which will help you understand everything about the concept by its end!

Apple has a huge fan base. They keep coming up with a new-fangled range of devices every year. Even with a minor set of upgradation in apple devices, its popularity is immense. Whether it shifting from iPhone 13 to an iPhone 14 or anticipating the latest versions, Apple fanatics don’t hesitate to upgrade their old phones with the newest ones even with the mouth-dropping prices. Well, it was all about consumer behavior when it comes to purchasing iPhones. Now let’s talk about one of its greatest features i.e. emergency bypass.

DND (do not disturb) element is among the most useful features present in an iPhone. This attribute allows users to put everything on silence mode that too very quickly. Using this feature, people can put their entire focus on work without getting distracted by notifications with message tones or even calls. This is one of the iPhone tricks that help its users to put their phone in DND mode for a few people, not for all.

While DND is useful but there are some issues with it as well. If you use this feature, you can miss important or urgent messages and calls. However, there is a solution to avert missing important calls and texts i.e. emergency bypass on iPhone. If you want to know more about it and unlock its useful features, let’s learn the steps involved. Once you know it you will allow specific people to message, call, or facetime while DND is enabled. But first, let’s begin with its basics and know what it actually is!

What is an emergency bypass feature in an iPhone?

iPhone has a feature named focus modes that shuts all notifications and keeps you away from getting distracted while working or doing an important thing. However, what if some close ones want to contact you out of urgency or other tragic scenarios? To solve this issue, Apple has provided a feature called emergency bypass on iPhones.

Emergency bypass is one of the attributes of the iPhone that lets users personalize DND for specific contacts or people. When an iPhone user turns this feature ‘ON’ then a certain number of people or contacts can reach him/her using DND. You can get the notification, even if you have turned ‘on the do not disturb feature.

However, this is not the sole way to allow particular people to contact you when you turn on an emergency bypass iPhone.  iPhones with iOS 15, iOS 16, or further versions can utilize this feature. Whether you are using DND with focus mode or not, you can allow some people to bypass this mode and contact you easily.

  • Contacts or people with emergency bypass can easily:
  • Communicate with you even with the enabled DND.
  • Get through whether you have switched ON the focus mode or not.

Notify you with ringtones or other sounds even when your phone is in silent mode. Additionally, you can customize this sound with some soundboard apps available for iPhone.

Now you know what an emergency bypass can do, let us understand how to switch this feature on.

How to set an emergency bypass on in an iPhone?

There are two methods to turn on the emergency bypass in iPhone to allow people to reach you when you are busy. You can set it for both or either calls, messages, or facetime.

Steps to use emergency bypass for calls on your iPhone:

Steps to use emergency bypass for calls on your iPhone

The below-mentioned steps will help you turn on the emergency bypass for calls:

  • Step 1: Open the contacts application on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Click on the particular contact, you want to enable the emergency bypass feature for.
  • Step 3: Once done, click on the ‘option’.
  • Step 4: Now select a ringtone.
  • Step 5: Enable the toggle ‘on’ for the emergency bypass and you are all set!

Steps to use emergency bypass for text messages on your iPhone:

Steps to use emergency bypass for text messages on your iPhone

The following are the steps to set the emergency bypass ‘on’ for text messages.

  • Step 1: Open the contact application on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Select a contact you want to set the emergency bypass for.
  • Step 3: Click on edit.
  • Step 4: Hit on the ‘Text Tone.
  • Step 5: Once done, turn ‘on the emergency bypass toggle.

Steps to use emergency bypass for facetime on your iPhone:

Steps to use emergency bypass for facetime on your iPhone

Here are the steps involved in turning ‘on the emergency bypass for facetime.

  • Step 1: Open the facetime application on your phone.
  • Step 2: Select a contact for whom you want to set the emergency bypass.
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘edit’ on the right side.
  • Step 4: Scroll down and check for the Text Tone and Ringtone options.
  • Step 5: If you want to get notified with a sound on a DND mode, simply ‘Toggle on to switch on the emergency bypass.
  • Step 6: If you want Text Tone for facetime, turn it in.

By now you have learned all these steps involved in enabling the emergency bypass in your iPhone. Turning on emergency bypass helps your close people to uninterruptedly communicate with you via phone, text, or facetime bypassing the DND mode.

How to turn off emergency bypass on iPhone?

You can deactivate the emergency bypass option in the same way you activated it. In the above steps, turning the toggle on enabled the emergency bypass, likewise, you can turn it off by toggling off. As you cannot turn it off for all contacts at once, you have to do it manually for each that you had enabled emergency bypass. So, this is how you disable emergency bypass on your iPhone.

How many contacts I can set emergency bypass for?

You can set emergency bypass for as many contacts as you want because there is no limit to it.

Do calls get rejected when I put my phone on DND mode?

Yes, it does. Unless you enable contacts to call, message, or do facetime, it gets rejected when you set your phone to DND mode.

What to do when the emergency bypass in iPhone stops working?

If you experience this issue, probably you are using an outdated operating system. To utilize this feature, you need to update your iOS via settings or the iTunes app.

Wrapping up

Apple has included a heap of features on iPhones that keep users engaged. Although there are a number of elements and tools that keep an iPhone user glued to their mobile, there are additional features that help iPhone users to set a time limit for screen time and improve their digital well-being.

As an iPhone user, you must have loved the perks that come with using the focus mode as it keeps you away from unnecessary notifications. However, there are a few people in your life whose messages, calls, or facetime cannot go unmissed in any situation. Hence, the emergency bypass in iPhones comes into play to help you with this. This feature has put an end to the inability of contacting someone whose phone is in DND mode. You can skip from the feeling of ‘what if this call was important or urgent, after missing it.By now you must have understood that enabling this feature will help special people, family, and friends in your life to get through no matter what!




25 Best Apple Watch Faces that You Will Love to Try



Best Apple Watch Faces

Why settle for one watch face when you have plentiful options?

The ability to display a lot of info on the smartwatch is one of the key reasons why the Apple Watch has a huge fan base. From classic analog with moving hands and digital watch face to a mixture of both along with striking animation. There are many best Apple Watch faces that give you access to everything on your wrist in one go.

The best part is, you can change watch faces on your Apple Watch in a breeze without even opening the app on your iPhone. The watch face of your Apple Watch is called Infograph Modular. With this default feature, you can customize onscreen info (date, health, music, etc.) called complications on your Apple Watch easily.   

As there are quite several options in watch faces, you might want to know ‘What is the most popular Apple Watch face? In this post, we have included some of the cool Apple Watch faces that will make your display even more exclusive. Let’s get started!

What are the best free Apple Watch faces?

The best part of Apple Watches is that you can download and access any of your favorite fitness apps on your wrist.

The choice of your Apple Watch face should not only look good but also display your personal style. So, here is a list of free and best Apple Watch faces, let’s check them out.

1. Lunar

best Apple Watch faces

Lunar is the best Apple Watch faces for those who want to keep a track of dates and lunar faces. One of the most interesting features of this watch face is that when you move the circular dial, the date and moon’s shape change. This aspect gives you a clear picture of the moon’s appearance at a particular time of the day.

Additionally, you can adjust between analog and digital modes. Users can also change the color of the second hand. Plus, you get three options in the calendar i.e. Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew. Lunar is one of the most used Apple Watch faces. This Apple Watch face is best for evening and night outs and goes well with casuals. 

2. Metropolitan

best Apple Watch faces to download

Metropolitan is another best Apple Watch faces to download if you look for more customization. This watch face is the perfect choice for users who like a regular look. Metropolitan comes in four different types of design. Users can also choose the color of backdrops from an array of color palettes.

One of the most fascinating features of this watch face is that when you flip your wrist, the displayed numbers fade away. You can switch to the Metropolitan watch face in both formal and semi-formal looks. Especially, if you are appearing for an interview, Metropolitan is the best Apple Watch faces for the day.

3. Playtime

best Apple Watch faces in 2021

Playtime is an ideal Apple Watch face for those who love graphics. This watch face was counted as one of the best Apple Watch faces in 2021.

To offer an exclusive experience to watch users, Apple has teamed up with Joi Fulton. The custom-built characters in this watch face are extremely amusing to play. When you touch them, characters begin interacting with you.

Additionally, when you move the digital crown, the backdrop moves very distinctly. Plus, there are various possibilities to adjust and customize background shadow. You can keep children busy by letting them tap on these characters. This can be one of the fun mother-daughter activities at your home.

4. Portraits

best Apple Watch faces

Portraits is one of the best Apple Watch faces that lets you see pictures of your loved ones on your wrist. Not only one but you can choose 24 portrait images for the watch’s background. Users not only can edit portrait pictures but also change the location of the time on the Apple Watch.

You get three options in font styles i.e. Modern, Classic, and Rounded. You can select between the duotone and backdrop to customize this watch face even further.

One of the intriguing aspects of this watch face is that you can change the current image just by tapping on the screen. This makes it one of the best custom Watch faces for family parties and gatherings.

5. Astronomy

best free Apple watch face

Astronomy is another best free Apple watch face for those who enjoy everything about space. As you roll the digital crown of your watch, you will see a graphic representation of the time changes day and night. By tapping on the watch screen, you can also access the zooming in and out feature.

You can choose from three configurable face options i.e. Contemporary, Classic, and Rounded. You can view the solar system, earth, moon, and any random planet using random or full-style options. This is one of the top Apple Watch faces that never goes out of style.

If you have plans to visit any planetarium or have a friend who likes talking about space, switch to this watch face whenever you are around him/her.

6. Artists

top Apple Watch faces

Artists is another cool watch faces for the Apple watch and best for those who prefer minimal. If you like simple yet creative design, the Artist Watch face is something you should not miss. This Apple Watch face is a portrait by Canadian Geoff McFetridge who is one of the most renowned painters and illustrators for human figures, bold color palettes, and auxiliary compositions.

You can change the design just by touching the screen. Not only this, try lifting your wrist, it will again change automatically. This occurrence enhances the appearance of the always-on display. If you are visiting an art gallery, you can switch to this cool Apple watch faces.

7. Modular

cool watch faces for the Apple

Modular is quite popular Apple Watch faces among users who like statistics and numbers. This watch face comes in three different versions i.e. Small, Dual, and Basic. Once you download and use this Apple Watch face, you get enough data just by touching the screen. The look of this watch’s face is very attractive.

The Dual and Basic versions give you customizing options to some extent. Instead of turning the background on and off or changing the color of the backdrop, you can easily customize them on your wrist.

You can choose between digital and analog clocks with additional customization options. This makes it one of the best digital Apple Watch faces for those who like seeing good designs on their wrist. Whether you are someone who goes to the gym or prefers jogging/walking in the park, Modular is among the best Apple Watch Faces for you.

8. Breathe

best Apple Watch home screen

Breath offers the best Apple Watch home screen for your smartwatch. The design of this watch face is very soothing as it resembles the animation and graphics of a mindfulness application. Not only does it look similar to it, but when you tap this face you will be directed to an app that guides you in meditation. This makes Breathe the best Apple Watch faces for fitness.

Therefore, if anybody is looking for calmness in their hectic life then this watch face is a perfect choice. Using this face on your Apple watch is a great alternative for you to integrate mindfulness into your daily activity. You can use this watch face while going to a yoga center or practicing flat stomach workouts.

9. Contour

Apple Watch faces

Contour is another stylish Apple Watch face that users should definitely try. The display is based on the highlighted time which keeps lightning up for a particular hour of the day. This watch face is inspired by the passage of time with all numbers displayed on the edges. A simple tap on the screen makes the edge’s numbers wave.

You can choose between a rounded or regular watch style that matches your mood and outfit. Contour comes with two complications in the center of the screen, you can customize it according to your needs.  This Apple Watch face goes well with comfy casuals.

10. California

best Apple watch faces

California is another best Apple watch faces that is timeless and gives your smartwatch a completely formal look. This watch face gives you a range of alternative options in dial marker. You can attain a preferred watch design easily. The dial option comes in two varieties i.e. circular and rectangular.

In addition, you get seven options for changing symbols on the watch face. You can select from a variety of backdrop displays. California Apple watch face is a perfect choice for official meetings as it goes well with professional outfits.

11. GMT

best Apple Watch faces for travel

GMT is considered the best Apple Watch faces for travel because it resembles traditional analog designs. You get a dual-dial display on this watch face. The inner dial shows the local time and the outer one shows the other region timezone that you would choose.

This dual-dial display shows the color scheme of sunrise & sunset and day & night of the selected city. You can add complications and customize the colors of the four external corners.

12. Fire and Water

best-looking Apple Watch faces
Fire and Water

Fire and Water is one of the best-looking Apple Watch faces as the images look too realistic. This watch face literally shines on your watch screen especially in Apple Watch Series 4 and above. A circular version of this watch face is available for all models. However, in the full-screen edition, no complications are available.

You can choose any of the two options i.e. fire and water to change the color of this watch face. You can pick a rectangular or circular dial. If you are heading for a camp or an adventurous trip, Fire and Water is the best Apple Watch face to download and use.

13. Infograph

best Apple Watch faces

Infograph is one of the best Apple Watch faces for those who are traveling or working in different time zones. The inner dial shows the time and the outer one shows the second timezone same as the GMT watch face.

However, the key difference between these two is that, GMT has comparatively fewer complications than Infographics. This watch face offers an ageless yet elegant design with two dials. Infographic goes well with partywear.

14. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

best Apple Watch faces
Mickey and Minnie Mouse

If you are a fan of 90’s cartoon characters, then Mickey and Minnie Mouse watch face is the right choice for you. This watch face lets you keep Mickey or Minnie Mouse in the center of the dial. You can also customize the color of their clothes and much more details according to your preference.

These cartoon characters also tell you the time in their cute voices. Buying Apple Watch and switching to Mickey and Minnie Mouse face can be the best valentine’s gift for your beloved.

15. Memoji

best digital Apple watch face

Memoji is another fun-filled yet best digital Apple watch face for users. You can have several Memojis on your watch and have fun watching them moving. You can interact with them by tapping on the watch screen.

This watch face features all popular Memojis or those you have created on your iPhone. If you have plans to hang out with your buddies, this watch face will definitely complement your looks.

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16. Nike

best custom Watch faces

Nike’s watch face is the result of a collaboration between two popular brands. You get five alternates in this face i.e. Digital, Analogue, Compact, Bounce, and Hybrid. Each variant reacts differently when you tap the screen or move the digital crown.

This watch face lets you easily customize the color. Few variants allow you to change the dials and styles. Nike is one of the best custom Watch faces for Apple Watch users. This watch face is perfect when attending sports matches.

17. Siri

best Apple Watch faces

No matter what level of dependency you have on Siri, this Apple Watch face will make your life way easier. Siri is among good watch faces that show the time along with the info that you might need at a particular time in the day.

Siri is one of the best Apple Watch faces that is useful in getting things done without using your iPhone. This watch face guides and notifies you about different things. Siri watches face is wearable with everyday usage.

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18. Pride

best Apple Watch faces

The key goal of creating the Apple Pride watch face is to support the LGBTQ community. This watch face is a fusion of a unique set of colors. These colorful threads indicate the hour very distinctively. When you tap on the screen or move the digital crown, threads move and receive a vibration.

You get the customization option in enabling or disabling the backdrop. This watch face has to be used on special occasions.

19. Toy Story

best custom Apple Watch faces
Toy Story

Toy Story is one of the cutest faces for the Apple Watch that soothe the child in you. The main characters of the movie i.e. Buzz Lightyear and Woody appear on your wrist. If you want to see more animations, you need to just tap on your screen.

Toy Story is one of the best custom Apple Watch faces that is playful and fun to use. If you are visiting a school or attending a kid’s party, this watch face is surely the right pick.

20. Timelapse

classy Apple Watch faces

Timelapse is another one of the best Apple Watch faces for travel enthusiasts. The cityscape and scene in the background keep changing with the passage of time.

Animations of different regions make Timelapse one of the classy Apple Watch faces. This watch face gives you a great view of places that you haven’t been to. If you are traveling somewhere, switch to Timelapse to complement the whole journey.

21. Typograph

classy Apple Watch faces

Typograph is one of the interesting Apple Watch faces that is worth a download. This watch face gives you three custom style options i.e. Classic, Rounded, and Modern. You can choose between 12 or 4 numbers to keep on your watch face.

You can also choose from Devnagri, Arabic Indic, Arabic, and Roman symbols. The Typrograph watch face looks a bit conventional so consider wearing this with formal attire.

22. Wayfinder

best Apple Watch faces

Wayfinder is another creative yet best Apple Watch faces that hikers and divers would love. The specific night mode feature is what separates this watch face from others in the list. This watch face is available for Apple Watch Ultra only.

This watch face offers up to 8 complications. The high contrast colors in the display make it easy for users to see clearly even on shiny sunny days. This watch face is best for nighttime excursions and camping.

23. Gradient

best Apple Watch faces

Gradient is one of the best Apple Watch faces for those who like going minimal. In this watch face, the time is displayed against a changing background. It provides an uncomplicated full-screen view of time with a gradient style.

You get choices to pick from a few styles and gradients. However, if you want more complications, you will have to pick a traditional look to easily add them in corners. This simply designed watch face goes well with formals.

24. Motion

best Apple Watch faces

Motion is one of the best Apple Watch faces for those who like animations. This watch face lets you pick from three options i.e. Flower, Butterfly, and Jellyfish.

Once you choose a specific category, the watch face keeps changing from time to time. Motion watch face is fun and best for outings that are surrounded by nature.

25.  Clockology

best third-party Apple Watch faces

Clockology is one of the best third-party Apple Watch faces that caters to every user’s needs. This face gives an ultra design to your Apple Watch screen. This outstanding software enables users to customize as well as utilize designs from other watch faces.

There are a variety of attractive patterns and layouts to download. However, to unlock exclusive designs, you will require to take a subscription. The monthly and annual fee of this subscription is $2.99 to $24.99. This watch face offers the best clockology watch faces that complement every look.

Concluding Thoughts

Apple has a massive fan following, why wouldn’t it be? From emergency bypass in iPhones to top-end smart watches for kids, there are many features that are exclusively available in Apple devices only.

Apple Watches is increasingly becoming a must-have accessory because it not only tracks time but also shows pulse rate, oxygen level, sleep quality, and much more. You just need to pick the best watch face to make your watch look extraordinary.

You might get swayed away by several Apple watch faces options. No matter what you pick, keep your software updated to get more customizing options on watch faces.

You need to pick a watch face that gives you the best complications as it gives you maximum info such as health, temperature, workout, battery, alarm, heart rate, schedule, compass, etc.

Remember not all watch faces are available in all regions and some of them work only in a newer version of Apple Watches.

Now start customizing your Apple watch and make it exclusively yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the standard Apple Watch 3 support all the watch faces?

No, Apple Watch 3 doesn’t support all the watch faces. You need to check what is available by keeping your software updated.

Can I download more watch faces for Apple Watch?

You need to go to the Face Gallery of your Apple Watch to check all the available faces. Once you find one, you can easily customize it, select complications and add the same to your collection.

Why are Apple watches so expensive?

Apple Watches offers the finest features in tracking fitness and provides great build quality and durability. All these aspects make Apple Watches comparatively more expensive than others.

What is the number 1 rated Apple Watch?

On the basis of features, battery life, and pricing Apple Watch Series 8 is the top-rated watch from the brand.

How many complications can you have on Apple Watch face?

Every Apple Watch face lets you pick up to three complications. You can choose more depending on the choice of the watch face. For example, Infographics is one of the best Apple Watch Faces that offers up to eight complications.

Does changing the Apple Watch face use more battery?

Apple Watch faces that include more animation eat up more battery than simple ones. If you want to save your watch battery, choose one with a large black background.



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12 Best Cricket Games on Android You Shouldn’t Miss



Cricket Games on Android

For most of us, cricket is more than just a favorite sport. Isn’t it?

Playing cricket in open fields is one of the most unforgettable childhood memories of every individual, especially in India. However, looking at today’s fast-paced world, not every person who loves playing cricket can hit the ground with a bat, ball, and wicket. But cricket games on android have made it possible to play this religiously adored sport on a smartphone.

Whether it is street cricket or World Cup, scoring runs or taking wickets is something that every cricket lover enjoys. No matter it is offline or online, the excitement and fun of playing cricket multiplies after beating your opponent. Thanks to mobile cricket games, cricket is no more limited to the boundaries of the field or playground. If you like this game, you can enter the virtual field anytime.

The problem is when you decide to download such mobile cricket games online, the options are quite overwhelming. To help you pick the best android cricket games, we have dug out the best ones from the market. Go through our handpicked list of the best cricket games on android and pick what entice you the most.

Cricket Games on Android
Why cricket games on Android are popular

The popularity of mobile cricket games is incredibly high for many reasons. For starters, you experience the same excitement and zeal of playing real-time cricket games on your mobile at your convenience.

Cricket games on android are quite popular as they enable players to experience a similar level of excitement as playing on fields. As long as your mobile is operational, you can play cricket anywhere and anytime according to your mood and convenience.

Additionally, mobile cricket games offer lifelike gameplay with realistic graphics which ascends their appeal and experience. These games offer a multiplayer mode that allows you to compete with other players online. The element of social interaction and competition entice innumerable players.

Which is the best cricket game on mobile?

android cricket games
Which is the best cricket game on mobile

Due to fierce rivalry, the gaming industry is utilizing high-end tech in its process. This has dramatically improved the quality of android cricket games over time.

Now cricket games on the Google Play Store offer lifelike stimulations, spectacular visuals, real teams, players, and championships. However, picking a cricket game with all these elements is very challenging as the play store is overrun with mobile cricket games.

As this sport is religiously followed in India and other parts of the world, innumerable choices in android cricket games often confuse people. In such a situation Googling ‘What are some of the best cricketing games on Android?’ is quite normal.

Therefore, to save you time, here is the list of the best android cricket games that every cricket Therefore, to save you time, here is the list of the best cricket games on android that every cricket lover should play.

World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 is one of the most popular games for cricketers from Nextwave Multimedia. Since its launch in 2020, WCC3 became one of the most downloaded cricket games (over 10 million). WCC3 offers realistic gameplay in a lifelike cricket world, making it the best android game today.

This game app includes immersive bowling strokes and batting from real professionals. From Mathew Hayden and Akash Chopra’s professional commentary to the enthralling stadiums, this mobile cricket game offers all the features that you look for in the best android cricket game.

There are numerous competitive modes such as Test Cricket, Ashes, Tri Series, World Cup, etc. You can play tournaments in 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams in 42 spectacular stadiums. This game is frequently updated with novel features to enhance the gaming experience.

Size: 767 MB

Rating: 4.1

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 4GB RAM, Android Version 5.1 and above

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is another one of the best cricket games on android. This gaming app allows you to relive the cricket journey of Sachin Tendulkar who is counted among the most prolific batters of all time. Once you download and play this mobile cricket game, you will revive some of the noteworthy and iconic matches from Tendulkar’s career in Legend Mode.

Players can compete with each other in different multiplayer modes and saga cricket champions. Also, they can choose to be part of their favorite teams. Players can select from different match formats including Twenty20, One Day Internationals, Premier League, and Test matches.

This smart cricket app allows players to pick from multiple pitches and weather conditions. Plus, they can easily customize their team strategy and approaches. This mobile cricket game offers remarkable motion-captured animations and appealing graphics.

Size: Up to 589MB

Rating: 4.0

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 4GB RAM, Android Version 4.4 and above

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Cricket League

Cricket League

Cricket League is another best cricket games for Android with high graphics. This game has quick play cricket which is a great option for people who like playing for a short duration. This mobile cricket game offers fast matches on the go. Competitions in this game are held across the world including Dubai, Karachi, Dhaka, London, Melbourne, Mumbai, Adelaide, and Johannesburg.

In this gaming app, players can bat and bowl for one over (6 balls). You need to score as many runs as possible when you are batting. If you are bowling, you will stop your challenger from scoring runs. The innings would get over after losing a wicket.

Cricket League got a recent update named ‘Cricket Mania’. This is a season pass where players can earn elite passes or other types of rewards. This game is highly entertaining and fast-paced when you compete with the appropriate opponent.

Size: 64MB

Rating: 4.2

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 2GB RAM, Android Version 4.4 and above

Big Bash Cricket APK

best cricket games for android
Big Bash Cricket APK

Big Bash Cricket is one of the best cricket games for android that are worth downloading from Google Play. You can compete with the finest Australian cricket league. This multiplayer cricket game offers various modes to play, even mothers can have a fun time with their daughters while playing this game.

Developed by Nextwave Multimedia, the Big Bash Cricket game offers easy-to-use 3D game features. The quality of the effects and graphics is noteworthy. You keep reaching the top of the

Big Bash League tournament as you play. You can compete with your friends or fellow players across the world who share the same interest.

Players enjoy collecting various rewards after completing a tournament. This game is the best option for seasonal players only as there is no guide included for beginners in Big Bash Cricket. Big Bash Cricket is one of the most downloaded cricket games in recent times.

Size: 14.9MB

Rating: 4.0

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 4GB RAM, Android Version 1.1 and above

ICC Cricket Mobile

best cricket games for android
ICC Cricket Mobile

ICC Cricket Mobile is another one of the best mobile cricket games on Android that feature realistic fielding actions including batting, bowling, and movielike cutscenes. This game offers several modes including 10 cricket teams tournaments and quick matches. There are three cricket stadiums in the game i.e. Lucknow, Dharmshala, and London.

Players can customize the hours of the day and the pitch. This game also has a professional commentary of popular stars like Ian Bishop, Jatin, Sapru, etc. you can select your favorite while playing a particular match. This game offers some spectacular visuals.

User can also replay their game in different pitch styles with dynamic camera angles. They can compete with other top scorers in the game. The game mechanics are super impressive, you can just select your favorite country and start competing against top ICC countries. ICC Cricket Mobile is one of the best cricket games on android today.

Size: 563.9MB

Rating: 4.0

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 4GB RAM, Android Version 8.0 and above.

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 Cricket Champions 3D is one of the top 10 cricket games for Android that offers a lot of fun and excitement to the players. There are a variety of game modes in this game to thrill the players. This high-powered game offers a great batting experience wherein you can try different shots to elevate the overall feel.

In this game, players can easily control the direction and speed of the ball while balling. All these features give a realistic touch to the game. There are several multiplayer modes that players can choose from. Players can play quick games or complete tournaments at their convenience.

There are unique powerups modes included in this game such as Vampire Batsman, Unleash Spring Bat, Batsman, etc. Although there is no multiplayer mode in this game, it has several cricket modes to play.

Size: 77 MB

Rating: 4.1

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 2GB RAM, Android Version 5.0 and above

Real Cricket GO

cricket games for android
Real Cricket GO

Real Cricket GO is another best cricket games on android in the market. This game offers an outstanding cricket experience to all players including those with low-end mobiles. The size of this game is smaller than Real Cricket 22, so it works well on phones with the lowest 512MB RAM.

This mobile cricket game features international tournaments like Asia Cup, Associated Cup, World Cup, and Champions Cup. You can enjoy a literal virtual game after downloading this super cricket game. This game has the same physics and mechanics that Real Cricket 20 follows. However, there is a slight difference in the animation.

This cricket game has simple controls and easy-to-use features. You can easily play international tournaments while being on your favorite team. There are two gaming modes in Real Cricket GO with a 45MB size only.

Size: 500MB

Rating: 4.0

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 1GB RAM, Android Version 4.4 and above.

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Epic Cricket Mod APK

Epic Cricket Mod APK

Epic Cricket Mod APK is another best cricket games on Android that enable players to experience realistic cricket on their mobile. This mobile cricket game offers fantastic visual effects. Almost every international cricket team is available in Epic Cricket Mod APK such as New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, and more. You can easily select your team in this game.

This best cricket game for Android keeps getting optimized to avert potential lagging issues. With simple controls and easy-to-use features, you can easily practice and play in the virtual gaming field. You will get to see and play this game from every camera angle. With bright colors and crisp detailing, the whole gaming experience is stupendous.

One of the best features of this cricket game is that you can play multiple tournaments such as World Cup, T20 cricket, ODI, and much more. Over 8 different cricket championship makes it hard for players to resist this game. Both Hindi and English commentary is included in this game, users can choose the language according to their preference.

Size: 584.35MB

Rating: 4.1

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 4GB RAM, Android Version 4.4 and above.

What is the best offline cricket game on Android?

Hitwicket Cricket Superstars

Hitwicket Cricket Superstars

Hitwicket Cricket Superstars is one of the best offline cricket games in the market that can be played without an internet connection. This game not only requires gameplay but also the strategy to build a team, train them, and prepare the players for different matches.

This game also has a distinct feature where you can sell or buy players for the championship. All players in the game have different sets of skills, so be cautious while selecting your teammates. Once you have your team, you can compete with other challengers in complete T20 cricket games or quick 3-minute matches.

Hitwicket Superstars mod APK is one of the most played and was rated as the best cricket game APK download in 2022. This game regularly gets updated with novel features to make it more captivating and enjoyable. Its offline mode option allows players to enjoy this game without a stable connection.

Size: 130 MB

Rating: 4.5

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 4GB RAM, Android Version 6.0 and above

Smash Cricket

best cricket game for Android
Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket is another fun-filled and easy-to-play game for cricket lovers. This simple yet best cricket game for Android emphasizes on single back camera angle instead of multiple viewpoints. The graphics of this game is imposing and will give you a great cricketing experience while you complete different matches. There are various cricket formats such as Test Cricket, T20, and much more.

This game enables gamers to select the level of difficulty based on their capability and progress. You can battle with your friends and other top contenders in the game and become a world champion. The best part is, this game runs seamlessly without an internet connection. You can enjoy cricketing while having your favorite Starbucks drink.

There are 6 games—World Cup 2015, World Cup 2019, Premier League, Challengers Cup, Super Series, and Champions Cup. Players are required to defend their wickets or score maximum runs with life-like batting and balling movements.

Size: 20 MB

Rating: 4.0

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 1GB RAM, Android Version 2.3.3 and above

World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 offers all the features that help gamers play mobile cricket like pros. This game offers compelling video and spectacular graphics that elevates the cricket experience. This game allows players to set the game in the stadium of their choice. Players can challenge the top contenders from anywhere at any time.

You can either pick the default team or choose your own players manually. Not only this, you can select the field, weather conditions, type of grass, and much more in this game. There are more than 40 different camera angles to give a realistic effect to this mobile cricket team.

Size: 512.68 MB

Rating: 4.3

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 4GB RAM, Android Version 5.1 and above.

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Real Cricket 19

best offline mobile cricket game
Real Cricket 19

Real Cricket 19 is another best offline mobile cricket game that offers a life-like gaming experience to all players. Although game controls in Real Cricket 19 require little attention at the beginning, once you get familiar, you can easily control the entire balling and batting at your fingertips.

It has several play modes along with 6 venues and 8 international teams. There are multiple tournaments including T20 Cricket and ODI to pick from. One of the unique elements that set this game apart from all is that you will see many cheerleaders dancing when you take a wicket or shot a six.

Size: 44 MB

Rating: 4.0

Genre: Sports

System requirements: 4GB RAM, Android Version 5.5 and above

Parting Thoughts

Cricket is one sport that is deeply embedded in Indian culture. People of all ages watch and play this sport. Not only this, there are many talented cricketers that come from this country. However, there is no longer a need to play this sport in empty fields as the entire definition and narrative have demonstrated on the screen of your phone.

All the games on our list are the best cricket games on Android. Each of them offers amazing features, cool graphics, and all things that you look for in a good mobile cricket game. You just need to pick the one that clicks you the most. We hope we have answered—which is the No 1 cricket game for Android?

Now tell us, according to you, which one is the best cricket game on Android? What are the best cricket games on the play store? Once we get your valuable feedback, we would love to include them in our post.



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15 Best Email Apps for Android you Must Check Out



Email Apps for Android

Want to manage a neat and secure inbox on your phone, but are confused about which email app to opt for?

This blog caters to your needs. Here you can choose from the 15 best email apps for android.

Emails are a convenient way to communicate with anybody all around the world. I think there is not even a single company that can work without this communication path.

Or ‘does your business need an email app?’

The answer is a big ‘Yes’…Right!

That’s why the market of email services is flooded with so many options, it’s natural to get confused to choose the best for you. 

So, here you can read some basic requirements that one can have to look for in an email app. Before jumping onto the list, let’s know about them!

What to Look for Before Choosing the Best Email App for Android

As there are numerous email apps available in the market, the question is ‘which email app for android to choose’? 

There may not be a single point to answer this question as different persons have different preferences. Somebody needs it for just sending emails, for calendar or meeting schedules, or for getting instant notifications, or some needs business-level security. But the chances are not to get a single app for all. 

But there are some common features that you must check out before choosing the best one for you.

Organizing Capability

This is the feature to organize your emails in a nice manner that avoids confusion for the user. I think organizing ability is a must-have feature for any application. Some of the functions included under this are spam filtering, the grouping of emails, labels, etc.

Multiple Account Handling

There are many people in this digital era to have multiple email accounts. They may have one There are many people in this digital era to have multiple email accounts. They may have one for personal use or one for professional. But they want to tackle all the accounts from a single android device. The android email app should support at least one free account and they can have paid service for others more than that. This feature is the best one to do email marketing for your business.

Simple to use Interface

Yes, this is the basic necessity for any android application. If the user interface is simple-to-use, then only people will use it. A confusing interface can irritate the user and they may not use it. Everybody wants a clutter-free interface to avoid any confusion with emails. All the email app features should be easily accessible without the need for any help and support.

Ability to Operate on a Desktop

There may be situations when one needs to operate his or her email account on larger screens like a desktop. The best email apps for android should have a version of desktop or web. It will be the cherry on the cake if they provide it for free. 

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So, here is a list of the 15 best email apps for android to choose from as per your requirement and preference. Some options are free, some are paid, and some provide both options for personal or business usage. You can go for what you want. 

Let’s check out my take on the best list of email apps for android to sort it out for you!

Best Email Apps for Android you must check out


best android mail app

Outlook is one of the popular options for businesses known for its high-level security. It is so good to use even for personal use. The platform provides many business-level and customer-friendly features. Its mobile version is a super lightweight best android mail app that makes it a choice for many. It provides a very attractive user interface design. The list of its features is really big which makes it a good choice to be at the top list.

Some notable features of Outlook:

  • You can schedule meetings and organize your day plan with its calendar feature.
  • It can work with Microsoft Exchange. 
  • You can even avoid email phishing with the spam option provided.
  • Its inbox lets you access your contacts. 
  • You can even sort out important emails automatically.
  • You can use folders and tags to make your inbox orderly.


free android email app

If you ever use email for any purpose, you surely have heard about Gmail. It is one of the top-rated and famous names for email apps for android. Google has designed this awesome platform which makes it trustworthy blindly. It integrates with Google workspace making it an awesome option to use. You know the funniest part is, for most people email apps is Gmail only. If you are looking for a simple-to-use free android email app, this is the best option for you

Some notable features of Gmail:

  • It automatically sorts your inbox into many folders like promotions, primary, social, etc.  
  • Its spam filter option is very powerful to keep your inbox away from spam.
  • You can easily synchronize with non-Gmail accounts. 
  • It nicely reduces screen clutters by showing attachments and linking documents as buttons.
  • Its regularly updated and attractive UI is very nice to use. 
  • You can even use Gmail’s confidential mode to set an expiration date for any message.


email apps for android

The next choice on the list is the Nine app which is not free to use for android users but provides a 14-day trial period. But the features are worth paying for it. You can say it is one of the best-paid email apps for android. 

The UI is very clean and simple to use for newbies especially. If you are well concerned about the security of your emails, then you can go for Nine. It is one of the best android email apps for multiple accounts.

Some notable features of Nine:

  • It doesn’t store your information on servers.
  • It provides support for many email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, etc.
  • It has a texting app-like feature for conversation.
  • You can nicely compose your email with its super powerful text editor. 
  • It has support for Exchange ActiveSync. 
  • Its email and calendar have support for multiple accounts with SSL security. 

Samsung Email

email apps for android
Samsung Email

If you have ever used Samsung devices, you must have heard about our next option ‘Samsung Email’. Samsung is one of the biggest android device manufacturers. So, it has its default email app option known as ‘Samsung Email’. This email app option is for its device users. It is one of the best email apps for android.

Some notable features of Samsung Email:

  • It provides security to your emails with encryption.
  • You can get custom notifications.
  • It lets you easily do spam filtration.
  • It provides support for emails for all the famous email providers.
  • You can easily read related emails with the feature of the email thread view.
  • You can even delete, mark as read, and reply from even notifications.

K-9 Mail

email apps for android.
K-9 Mail

Our next option on the list is K-9 Mail which is an open-source email client for Android. It is one of the oldest email apps for android. It is a very simple-to-use and lightweight app that makes it a choice for many users. You can even see its source code and make changes. And also share it with your friends or co-workers through Github. It is very secure to this platform which makes it suitable for business growth purposes.

Some notable features of K-9 Mail:

  • From a single place, you can manage multiple accounts.
  • You can directly connect with your email provider.
  • It keeps your information private with the use of OpenPGP email encryption.
  • It automatically synchronizes emails from your email provider. 
  • You can use local and server-side searches for your emails. 
  • As the code is open to check, you can clearly see, they are not doing anything with your data. 

Blue Mail

best mail apps for android
Blue Mail

Blue Mail is one of the best mail apps for android which has some distinct features to make the most out of it. It basically earns its place on the list because of its design standards. It lets you change the design theme from light to dark and vice-versa with just a click. You can integrate your tasks and calendars from other apps as well. Its smooth performance makes it a good application to go for.

Some notable features of Blue Mail:

  • You can use People Switch to search for your friends and family. 
  • Its integrated calendar feature is noteworthy because that lets you organize your schedule.
  • It provides security to its users via SSL and STARTTLS.
  • Its Group Mail feature allows you to send multiple emails together. 
  • You can even set a pre-account notification setting.
  • Its dark theme mode is just super attractive to use especially when the light around you is low.

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Spark Mail

best mail apps for android
Spark Mail

If you want to enhance work productivity, then our next choice ‘Spark Mail’ is for you. It is considered one of the top-rated cross-platform email apps. Its great visual design and advanced features make it a high-rated app on the Play Store. You can easily connect this with your other email app options like Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, etc. You can even find your needed email with its smart search feature just by using a keyword. Overall, it is a good option to try for.

Some notable features of Spark Mail:

  • It has an interesting sleek dark mode.
  • It provides some unique features like Pin emails, follow-up reminders, undo, etc.
  • It offers a smart categorization feature to easily sort out your emails.
  • You can scan the emails without opening the application with its Home Screen Widget.
  • You can even do email scheduling to send an email to the recipient at any time. 
  • It even allows you to customize the user interface.

Proton Mail

email app
Proton Mail

If you are simply looking for a tight security email app, Proton Mail is the choice for you. This platform prioritizes protection and security above all. Proton Mail never offers a window with over five buttons on it. Its email composition interface offers text boxes: To, Subject, message body, password protection buttons, attaching files, etc. It is one of the most widely used encrypted email services in the world.

Some notable features of Proton Mail:

  • It provides very tight security with its end-to-end encryption feature.
  • It also offers self-destructing email option.
  • It does store your emails on a server but that server is fully encrypted that even the Proton Mail company can’t read it.
  • You don’t have to pay for such a tight security email application but up to a free storage limit. (around 1GB). 
  • It provides a very modern style and attractive user interface.

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Yandex. Mail

top android email apps
Yandex. Mail

Another one of the top android email apps is Yandex. Mail. If you just require just a few important features for email service, this is a good option for you. Its clean user interface makes it an easy app to go for but with some fantastic features. It also provides a dark theme setting to take care of your eyes in dim light. It is free of cost to use.

Some notable features of Yandex. Mail:

  • It provides a default spam protection feature.
  • You can use its functions like setting up filters, limitless message storage, email labeling, etc.
  • It provides around 10 GB of free storage space. 
  • You can send email attachments of over 25 MB. This is because of the Yandex cloud service. 
  • You can do integration with Yandex.Disk.
  • You may find some issues with the translation, but the good point is, the team fixes it quickly. 

Edison Mail

best android email app
Edison Mail

Edison Mail is one of the best android email app alternatives to Gmail. It provides you with a complete feature set to easily send and receive emails even on a tiny screen. You can easily manage folders and also customization your inbox. You can just say it is a security-focused email app. It also offers you an option for an AI assistant to help you to search for attachments, bills, receipts, etc. Interesting…right! Yes, This is one of the best features of Edison Mail.

Some notable features of Edison Mail:

  • You can easily block tracking pixels.
  • It stores commercial emails like shipment tracking, purchases, exchange, entertainment, etc. 
  • You can even get real-time travel notifications.
  • It has support for so many email providers.
  • It lets you sort emails as per categories automatically.
  • You can use the feature of swipe gestures with one or two fingers across the screen.

Aqua Mail

email app for android
Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is our next choice on the list which has made its way out of the competition because of its interesting design. You may experience fun while using this email app for android as it provides shape UI. You can easily connect Aqua Mail with any other account or Exchange server. You can even log in securely via its two-factor authentication to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Overall, it is a good email app for android to use.

Some notable features of Aqua Mail:

  • You can use Home Screen Widget to search for your email without much hustle.
  • It offers a smart folder feature to sort the emails as per your liking.
  • You can choose from four different theme options to do customization.
  • It provides security via SSL encryption.
  • You can even use it with android wear devices.

TypeApp Email

email apps for android
TypeApp Email

TypeApp Email is our next choice for email apps for android which lets you manage multiple accounts. Its beautiful design makes it a more appealing option to use it. It provides a wide variety of email protocols. Its good inbox feature is a unique one that lets you use it as a unified inbox. You can consider it as a nice alternative to Blue Mail. But both have neck-to-neck competitive features.

Some notable features of TypeApp Email:

  • One of its interesting features is to use with android wearables.
  • You can use group mailing services. 
  • The app is easy to navigate and manage with its additional interface elements.
  • You can even create your logo in email signatures.
  • You can even choose a unique color for each to organize your account.

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Newton Mail

email android application
Newton Mail

The next option is a subscription-based email app called Newton Mail. Some of its interesting features include send later, undo send, snooze, and a lot more. Newton Mail is one of the powerful alternatives to the giant email android application Gmail. Not only for android but is also well suited for apple users as well. You can use it with various email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, etc.

Some notable features of Newton Mail:

  • You can even tag an email to a label.
  • You can simply snooze a notification or message.
  • You can do custom inbox swipes.
  • It also offers you to do custom folder synchronization.
  • You can also use its recap option.


email android application

myMail is another interesting email app choice available which is beautifully designed and clean to use. You can get support for various email accounts like Gmail, Outlook, etc. You can get unlimited storage for emails and messages. The design of the app is so appealing that you can’t get confused at any point. You can clean the inbox very easily.

Some notable features of myMail:

  • Some of its advanced features include ActiveSync, OAuth Security Authentication, and real-time notifications.
  • You can connect with all major account options which are POP3 or IMAP-enabled. 
  • You can search from local and server contacts. 
  • Its feature of searching for emails on the server is one of the best ones that many third-party apps don’t have. 


best email app

The last but not least option for email apps for android is Cleanfox. You can easily unsubscribe from a large number of emails that you don’t want to receive. You can even stop getting them or you can also delete them in one go. The overall usability of the app is good and it is totally free to use. This is not an email client but provides an email service.

Some notable features of Cleanfox:

  • You can easily connect with a number of email accounts through this. 
  • You can easily find all your subscriptions from different email accounts connected.
  • You can give the permit to subscriptions if you want to. 
  • The user interface and usability of the app are good to work with.

Final Words

That’s all about the best email apps for android users. But the main point is to choose the suitable one as per your requirements. You can make a list of your priorities and ask yourself the given: 

  • whether you need the organization of inbox.
  • multiple account handling.
  • a unique theme or design.

 or any other feature. And then you can choose the best one after getting answers to your queries. Ultimately, this is only and only your choice to select the best email app for android. 

Hope you find this blog informative enough to choose the best for you!



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