A beautiful, flawless and glowing face attracts everyone but the Scorching heat in summers, moistureless weather in winters, travelling, monotonous daily routine, harsh soaps and cleansers take away all the moisture of your skill and make it look dull and dry. A parched skin can feel tight and itchy and make you feel irritated.

No worries. There are few simple ways that help you get back your healthy, radiant and naturally glowing skin back every day which are mentioned below.


You must have heard about it always, but still it is mandatory to mention it here. Intake of more and more liquid especially water always keeps your skin as well as the whole body hydrated. Drinking more water vanishes the dark circles under the eyes and removes the fine lines on your face. Doctors recommend the consumption of at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day.

You will be able to see the amazing transformation in your skin in no time. Your skin will start looking softer and dewier. Your face will glow more. You will start feeling healthier along with becoming more fabulous.


The selection of right Soap also affects the skin. Purchase the soap that suits the best to your skin and contains the natural ingredients and moisturising agents etc.

Choose the soap according to your skin type. Check the labels and ingredients listed on the packaging before buying them. Avoid using the soaps or face washes that contain so many chemicals.

Healthy, radiant and hydrated skin is possible through this only. This could take some time but the effect you will find later is everlasting.


In today’s world of pollution and dust, buying and using the right products for your skin is one of the most important and necessary tasks. Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by applying SPF all over your body in the morning. Always carry a lotion or cream that contains SPF with you whenever you go out in the sun.

Keep a track on the authenticity and expiration of the products you use.

Some people due to their busy schedule are unable to go to the markets and buy the best beauty products. But, never mind because Internet has made your life more simplified. Now you can buy anything from any brand, any store online using some apps. You can buy from the online stores of the brands like Lakme, Maybelline and many more. You can get 20% off on the products by using grofers coupons.


Taking hot and long shower after a tiring day may be a mind relaxing activity but it is a strong enemy of a woman if she wants to look young and beautiful. Hot water bath can destroy your skin and make it extra dry.

It will take away all the oil strips from your body and will never keep it hydrated.

Always take a 5 to 10 minutes short shower and that too in a lukewarm water. Apply a rich body lotion on your complete body after towelling it to keep lock the moisture and keep it hydrated.


Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Fruits have a higher content of water, fibres, vitamins and minerals that your skin and body need to stay hydrated.

Avoid Junk food and eat fresh fruits in the evening. Include green and leafy vegetables in your diet and your skin will feel better and you will start feeling the change soon.

In order to get healthy, glowing and hydrated skin, start following the amazing tricks mentioned above. Give them a try and you will soon notice how you will able to shine more brightly with confidence. You will start realising the changes in your skin and start falling in love with yourself an ounce daily.

I hope you will find this blog useful and will surely follow them.

Stay Healthy. Stay Beautiful.  🙂

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