How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

A beautiful, flawless and glowing face attracts everyone but the Scorching heat in summers, moistureless weather in winters, travelling, monotonous daily routine, harsh soaps and cleansers take away all the moisture of your skill and make it look dull and dry. A parched skin can feel tight and itchy and

Things to consider before you tie the knot


Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent. It is the joining of two people in a bond that is expected to last until death. But do all marriages last forever? How do couples stay in this never ending relationship? How to you survive a

10 Natural Ways to Increase your Height

10 Natural Ways to Increase your Height

People who are short in height or have an average height sometimes feel they should have been taller. First of all, one should be happy with whatever body structure God has given and one should not feel inferior to others. However, the way one can work upon his or her

Ileana D’Cruz Enjoying Holidays With Her Boyfriend

Ileana D’Cruz

Actress Ileana D'Cruz is busy travelling abroad, and she was enjoying holidays with her long time photographer boyfriend Andrew Kneebone in Fiji. They were posting their images on popular image sharing website Instagram on the regular basis. These pictures surely will make you Jealous. Island girl ❤️??????☀️ #islandgirl #beachbum #sunsandsea #sunkissed