The Ancient Holy City of Vellore

One of the oldest cities of South India, Vellore on the banks of the Palar River stands for its rich historic heritage. It is one of the most important religious sites of Tamil Nadu. The town has prominent influences from the ruling dynasties of Pallavas, Cholas, Vijayanagara Empire, Rashtrakutas, the

Portfolio Structures for Share Trading

Individuals who invest are faced with the decision of choice of investment vehicle and asset classes. They have to choose the asset classes based on their risk appetites and expected rate of return. Various factors affect the investment decisions of an individual such as the age of the investor, income

Trips from Chennai – Self Drive Recommendations

Chennai city is well-connected to some of the most iconic destinations of the south – making it a great base for exploration. From sandy beaches and colonial towns to richly carved temples and mountain scenery, there is a lot that can be experienced in a well-planned weekend trip. Nowadays, one

5 Best Restaurant WooCommerce Themes

A restaurant is more than just a place where you have your meal. Besides being a place to make conversations, restaurants also are a place to shop. A lot of restaurants also sell sauces and spices, along with taking delivery orders online. WooCommerce is a great platform to use if

You’ll Love Hunting In These Great Places

Taking a hunting holiday is a great way to get out in the woods with your friends or family and spend time in nature. If you aren’t sure where you want to go hunting then it’s important to think about what will help you really enjoy your trip. While some

Best Amazon Alexa Skills 2018

Amazon Alexa

The advancement in technology has made us more lethargic and we try to complete the task in a wink of an eye. We always fall short of time as we are always preoccupied with numerous daily tasks and commitments and sometimes actually run against the time to complete our work.

Amazon Exclusive Smartphones in India

Amazon Exclusive Smartphones India

Smartphones have made our lives easier and manageable and they are a kind of mini laptop which we can carry everywhere due to its compact and lightweight feature. Smartphone is more of a necessity rather than any luxury item and is equipped with so many features that are informative as

The Good And The Bad About Invisalign

Problems with crooked teeth have been around in Australia and all over the world for a very long time, with Aristotle and Hippocrates recorded discussing it around 300-400 B.C. Numerous attempts through the ages have tried to address the issue, but it was only in 1819, with the introduction of